Monday, April 20, 2009

Unconventional Easter

This year we had a very unconventional Easter. We realized on Saturday that all of our family was out of town or had other plans and we had nothing to do. So, Joshua made reservations for brunch in Port Townsend. We made it to church only 15 minutes late and Matt was the only baby in the nursery. The wonderful volunteers were thrilled to have him. We came home to get ready for brunch, but then Jackie called and was getting off early, plus it was an icky rainy day, so we headed toward Seattle instead. On the way we tried calling several places to get a brunch reservations with no luck. Joshua suggested a stop at Ikea to kill some time before we picked up Jackie. I thought for sure that place would be deserted. Nope. Jam packed! We had a blast strolling through the aisles and trying out toys with Matty. We even stopped at the cafe for a snack.
Next we got to see Jackie's new store. We sat and had some coffee before making our way toward the waterfront for a quick dinner at a grill. Then we spent some time browsing books at Barnes and Noble before heading back home.
Strange, but a fun day nonetheless.
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Rachel said...

Did Jackie move out there???

Erin said...

Did I not post that ever? Yes, she's been here since just before Thanksgiving with an extended Christmas break back in Cali.

Rachel said...

You may have, I admit to be a skimmer some days. You think I would have saw THAT! That's terrific news, even if I am months behind!