Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This picture didn't make it on the last post, but here you can see the lamb toy without the rings. Kinda Lord of the Flies, don't you think?
Tonight I had to do one of my least favorite Mom duties - immunizations. After much research and discussion, we have decided to get most of the recommended vaccines, but spread them out a bit. So instead of filling Matty's little body with aluminum, cow fetus serum, and other such gross things (Have you read the ingredients on a vaccine lately??) every two months, we do it every month. More pokes but smaller doses for him to process. He is such a champ about the whole thing. He smiles and laughs in the waiting room, giggling at all the babies and flirting with the receptionist. Then he shows off for the nurse until she puts the needle in. 20 seconds of tears and then he is back to himself, smiling for the Elmo sticker he is given for being so brave. He fell asleep on the way home tonight, holding on tightly to his favorite toy. (Joshua and I call it the hand. Why are baby toys all so strange?) What a cutie pie. I love my little man! So much in fact that I am going to get myself a flu shot tomorrow. I have never done that before, because hey, I can deal with a few days of being sick. Not this year people. I will risk all the nasty things they put in a flu shot to keep my baby healthy. Next year we can tough it out together if we get the flu.
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Coli J said...

I guess baby toys are...well...bizarre. Haha! But I like to think that's because babies are imaginative. That they have room for colors, sounds, and shapes. For the extraordinary. We seem to lose that as we get older. Things get into black and white ruts. Anyway, just philosophies I guess. But it got me thinking.

Back to the point...MATT IS JUST CHARMING.

Jenna Hoskinson said...

Ya, shots suck. I'm glad you found a pedi who is willing to work with you on the vax schedule, at least!