Saturday, November 15, 2008

What is Matt up to?

As you can see, his hair has taken on a mind of its own. Most days it makes a nice sausage roll of a curl smack on the top of his head. Other days it frizzes out and some days he gets a mohawk type curl down the middle of his head. I have tried taming it with baby oil, lotion, and most recently baby oil gel. Is 5 months too young to start using styling products??
Matthew enjoys p[laying in his exersaucer, particularly chewing on this lovely E. There was an elephant attached to it, but it didn't survive the dishwasher. Oops!
I think his top teeth are getting ready to make an appearance. He is non stop drooling and gnawing in anything he can get into his mouth. Here he is trying to chew on a dissolving teething tablet.
My big boy can officially sit up on his own, although not for very long. He likes to rock forward and back, so it throws him off balance. It won't be long until he can sit tall and proud! Next thing you know he'll be off to kindergarten, then college, then having babies of his own! My how the time flies!
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I have a friend who used a flat iron on her one year old daughter's curly hair. I say use whatever product you want as long as it won't hurt him.