Monday, November 03, 2008

Random Acts of Cuteness

Matty is such a happy guy these days. Here he is smiling for me during a tickle attack.
We played peek-a-boo through the crib bars. He really enjoys being naked, or at least down to his diaper. We keep it pretty toasty in the house. :)
Do you think this jacket makes his head look small? Or maybe it is an 80s thing - you remember shoulder pads, right? Seriously though, the doctors were so worried about me having a big-headed baby on account of the diabetes. This kid's head is in the 35%tile while his length is in the 75th! Strange.
Matt wishes his hands were as big as Daddy's. He loves to chew on his hands. I am surprised he hasn't drawn blood yet with his two razor sharp teeth.

On a not so cute note, Matt threw his first tantrum this weekend. He made such an ugly sounding cry! Following that he had his first time-out. We are NOT letting this boy get away with that! He tried it again in the car on the way to Bible study, so we decided we better not go. From now on I guess we'll have to get a sitter.

On a totally different note, one of my students told me I looked skinnier today. Gotta love it when a six year old makes your day!
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Tara said...

I don't think it's his head that's small; it's the jacket that's big! Does it seriously have shoulder pads?

Coli J said...

He has such a bright smile!!

Erin said...

No it doesn't really have shoulder pads. He does wear mostly hand-me-downs, but no shoulder pads. :)

He is so cute when he smiles - his whole face smiles!