Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ha Ha Halloween

About a month ago I bought Matthew a pumpkin costume. Ha ha! He outgrew that dainty outfit in no time! Not to worry, we had a hand-me-down Santa outfit that we were planning to have him wear at Christmas. He fit so nicely in it now, we threw it on and called it a Halloween costume. I am wearing what I wore to school that day, and no it is not a costume. I guess my lack of excitement for the "holiday" was obvious ... Here is a conversation we had:
Student: Guess what I am dressing up as?
Me: A princess
S: No, an ice princess!
M: Oh. Guess what I am dressing up as?
S: Uhhh, a mom?
M: You got it!
Matt got into the spirit by putting his beard on all by himself!
Ah, just like a Christmas card!
Matthew was enthralled with Grandma's colorful jacket.

We had a lovely evening with the fam playing cards and such. Joshua attempted to get some school work done. I reminisced about last Halloween when nobody knew we were expecting yet, but I spent a good majority of the night puking in the bathroom. Good times!
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Erin said...

Too cute! We had to do something similar with Caden. Since he was less than a month old on his first Halloween I couldn't find a costume that could fit him. And there was no way I was going to just put him in an orange onesie with "boo!" on the front... BORING!! So, I found a newborn reindeer outfit at macy's the day before Halloween. It gets everyone in the Christmas spirit a little early! :)