Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Big Boy Haircut

Matt and I went out shopping this morning and went for an impulse buy.  There was a children's haircut store next door with fun car chairs and bubbles. So we went in.  Matt had fun for about 10 seconds and then she started to touch his head.  He then proceeded to scream his little head off and attempt to cling to me while she worked her magic.  I don't know about the style for his hair - it kinda just sticks up since he has so much body.  And it probably wasn't worth the $15 I paid, but hey, he looks handsome anyway.  Oh yeah, the Harry Potter-like scar on his nose is from a face plant into the table at IHOP a few days ago.  Nice.


Margaret Ann said...

I was sick to see him so grown-up. Where's my baby and the hair he loves to hold on to when he sleeps? I miss my boy.

Erin said...

Oh come on now ... He looks adorable and still holds on to his hair to sleep. :)

Joshua said...

Mom, you've never left a comment on here before.