Monday, October 05, 2009


We decided to splurge this year and take the fam to Disneyland.  It's a pretty special place for us since Joshua and I spent many fun times there while we were dating and our first apartment was all of about four miles from there.  We have been back once since moving to WA but thought this time Matty might enjoy the park with us.  He was actually not such a happy camper all day.  After the plane ride and drive to the hotel he decided midnight was a great time to play.  And then cry.  And cry some more.  He ended up sleeping from about 2-5 (that means half the hotel only slept from 2-5 ...).  He was tired and mostly ambivalent toward all things Disney.  Oh well, we got three for the price of one tickets so I suppose it was ok. 
Jackie got her favorite Disney beverage - the mint julep.
Daddy and Matty rode the carousel and Dumbo together.  Matt still thinks horses say "moo". Whatever.
Once he was out, he was out.  He snoozed through the very loud fireworks show and the long walk back through the crowds to the hotel.  

My mom came and picked up Matt and Jackie so Joshua and I could enjoy an early anniversary night together.  We headed straight for the hot tub to soak our tired tootsies.  Then, we went for a late night bite and another old favorite, Mimi's Cafe.  It wasn't the same as we remembered.  Boo.  After sleeping in and having breakfast in the Circle of Orange (another popular date spot) we came to rescue my mom from the littlest Hardwick.  
It was a lovely birthday with the most birthday wishes I have ever had (thanks to the Disneyland pin).  Although I still say I am 29 and holding.


Unknown said...

Glad you had a fun birthday/anniversary celebration! Happy "29th"! :)

Tara said...

I've never heard it called "the circle of Orange" before :) It's good to hear that a baby Matty's age is maybe not quite ready for Disneyland yet. We've been wondering when would be a good age to take Claire.