Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tom's Farm

Today we ventured out to Tom's Farm at the suggestion of Fiona.  It was awesome!  We all enjoyed the music, shopping, and sights.  Matthew liked it even better than Disneyland.  

We started off at the petting zoo where there were baby goats, piglets, and chickens.  Adorable!
Next we went into the furniture store (where I found my next couch - leather with dual recliners) and Matt threw a tantrum.  
Then we rode the train into the wilderness, through an Amish style bridge, and back.  Matthew refused to sit still until we started moving which reminded me once again how nervous I am for Wednesday's flight.
Finally, we rode the carousel where Matthew made his parade debut.  He waved at everyone all the way around and thought he was the star of the show.  "Weeeeeee!"

What a fun day.  Thanks Fiona for suggesting and Aunt Beth for treating!

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Rachel said...

We recently got a leather couch with dual recliners. It's actually pretty uncomfortable for me since I am short. It hits my neck in a bad place. Who knew? So I spend a lot of time with a pillow behind me. Make sure you really try it out before you buy one. Us shorties are at a disadvantage!

Oh, and the farm sounds like a cool place to visit. I may need to try it on one of my visits!