Monday, October 05, 2009

CA Fun

(This picture is supposed to be at the bottom, so read the captions there.)
Joshua left us this morning to head back home.  Here are a few (and only a few because lately I stink at remembering to use the camera) pictures of our weekend.  We went to visit our old church, Rock Harbor.  Service was awesome ... I always leave there feeling convicted and encouraged.  Here is Ua with his long time pals Tracy and Kaitlyn.
Hanging out with the Graham Fam at Mom's house.  
Matthew took a short break from screaming and slapping his Grandma to "help" her with her studies.  He had to put his glasses on to look studious while scribbling in her book.  

Tonight we met up with the Hedley's for their weekly pizza night.  Matthew had a tremendous amount of fun driving the video game car and picking the olives off of everyone's pizza.  He must have been seriously worn out because he was fast asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot at about a quarter to seven.  I better hit the hay too since he will likely be up half the night ...

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