Friday, June 20, 2008

Active Labor Begins - Continued

It's 4:50am on the second day. Active Labor just started 30 minutes ago; Dr. Ho measured Erin at 3 centimeters and 75% effaced. Mom barely slept during the night, and had her last dose of Cytotec while dad slept on the comfortable bed for four hours (he also slept on the floor for an hour and a half before that)

Erin is off of insulin for the time being. Now we're able to walk around and deal with the labor without having to be strapped to the bed. In the night they hooked her up to an IV because she was loosing too much fluid, which also slowed her labor progress for a bit. The IV was also used to administer antibiotics to help fight off infection because of her water being broken for so long.

We sent our Doula home at 6pm yesterday because of the lack of activity. But today we'll probably be calling her in about 2 hours from now; I'll need somebody that has had a full nights sleep for help then.

Sorry this post is a bit choppy, it's being written in the throws of labor contractions.

More to come...

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Coli J said...

What good timing to check your blog! Your baby is arriving!!!!!!!!! : )