Monday, June 23, 2008

We're home!

We were finally honorably discharged at 5:20pm yesterday (Sunday). We received our papers stamped with approval that we are competent parents that can care for this child on our own. We piled all our stuff into the trunk of the car and fiddled with the car seat for the better part of five minutes. Erin was frustrated with the seat because it seems to make Matthew's head fall forward. She sat in the back to be with him for the ride home.

Our first stop was the gas station, and I think the price jumped 20 cents while we were gone. Luckilly, I had my handy "10 cents off a gallon" card with me, so it only went up 10.

Erin, who's "seat" still hurts, realized that the medication she uses to minimize the pain wore off moments after entering the car. But she didn't realize it enough to let me know that she had a prescription for more that needed to be picked up on the way home. I never go to the doctor myself, and am pretty confused by the process of getting drugs. When I used to go to the doctor, they just gave me some samples they had in their office. Apparently they don't do that anymore.

Once we arrived home, Erin moved at the speed of a Galapagos turtle toward the house with Matthew in arms. I quickly brought our belongings in, and locked Six (the cat) in the garage. Minutes later my sister Pattie and her daughter Madison arrived with our first "Meals on Wheels" delivery: Chicken Casserole. It was perfect, just what we needed. They stayed to chat, and Madison was able to meet her new cousin while we ate our delicious meal.

It quickly became apparent that Erin was in serious pain. I called every pharmacy in town, but Gig Harbor isn't friendly to all-nighters, or Sunday-ers for that matter. I decided to bite the bullet, and pay the toll, and crossed the bridge to the 24-hour Walgreens. When I arrived, I handed them the prescription. "This isn't a prescription." she paused, "This is directions on when to take the medication." My heart sank. I called Erin, who's dragon fire comments burned my ear-hair through the cellphone, and appologized. Thirty minutes later I returned to the store with the proper document.

Our first night home was filled with all the late night feedings you could avoid. Believe me, I tried. Why is it he feeds more easily and more often at night? During the day we have to strip him near naked and tickle him half to death to get him to open one eye. I guess he gets that from his daddy.

Mommy's napping now until we go back to the doctor's office.

(this post was written while Matthew was napping on my chest)


Coli J said...

Welcome home. Must be nice to be in your own surroundings again.

Matthew is such a great name!!! : )

Tell Erin that I was just over at a friend's house that had the same problem with her car seat. The way it was tilted didn't support the baby's head, even though it had an infant cushion. She actually had to get a new car seat. An older model. Hope that helps some.

Blessings on you two and your new son! Sending love from Jason and me.

Rachel said...

We used a cushion insert in our car seat to add a little head support...

I also made the fateful mistake not to fill my pain pills before heading home with Aubrey. I am sure my pain was NOTHING compared to Erin's, but it still sucked. Especially with our return trip to the hospital that day. I think it was nearly 48 hours after we left Hoag before I was medicated again.

Thanks for posting so much! It really makes teh distance seem less.