Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Boy Joy

As all of you parents know, I am in a daze from lack of sleep, major pain, and falling in love with Mr. Matthew. I awoke from a nap yesterday and didn't see Matt in his crib. Daddy had him in the office and was hard at work on the computer.
My wonderful sister arrived yesterday to help with housework and such and of course to love on her newest nephew. She has been such a huge help already running errands, driving me to appointments, and attempting to organize our crazy home. We love you Aunt Jackie!
I know every mother says that her baby is the cutest baby in the whole world (and of course they are all right), but now it's my turn. My baby is the cutest little boy on the planet! He is truly a gift from the Lord and I get teary just thinking how special it is that God chose me to be his mother. What an honor!
Matthew's cousin Caleb who is 6 months old sent some of his now too small clothes. Doesn't he look adorable in those bright colors? He is so precious! Funny side note, Matt's Uncle Gary is enjoying the fact that the three boys are all in the "Matthew Graham" club. Gary Matthew Graham, Caleb Matthew Graham, and Matthew Graham Hardwick. We didn't do that on purpose, we just really liked the name, but it is pretty neat that he has that connection with his relatives. All three Matthew Grahams are awesome boys!
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Anonymous said...

He is really sweet. I love that past picture especially. I love those new baby faces. You guys are blessed!

Anonymous said...

I meant "last" picture. Oops!

Erin said...

OH MY GOSH!!! He is seriously sooo cute. I can't say he's the cutest baby boy I've ever seen (because that would be sacreligious)but he's like the 3rd cutest baby boy I've ever seen. I love dressing my boys like little men, it's too cute. It's especially cute when they can dress in clothes like Daddy! Too stinkin' cute!

Rachel said...

I've been thinking about the cutest kid on the planet thing lately. I seriously get lost in Aubrey's beautiful face and can't handle it. Then I was thinking, of course I think she is beautiful, she is much younger reflection of my face with the love of my life thrown in. There is definitely something amazing about seeing your own face in your child's.

I love the last picture of Matthew too!