Friday, June 13, 2008

Great News!

Sorry folks, no baby yet. And the great news is we still don't know when baby will arrive! At our appointment this morning, the doctor said that since baby and I are both doing so well, we do not yet need to be induced! Hooray! She scheduled my regular twice a week non-stress tests and an appointment next Friday to see how things are going. She also said it would be a great idea to start working with the naturopath to see if we can get baby out sooner than later. I will go see him on Monday, and he says that if baby is ready, I could go into labor right away! Joshua is hoping for a very special Father's Day gift, so come on out by Sunday baby! I'm sure none of our doctors will mind.


Rachel said...

That is great! Sunday seems like a great day to have a baby. I had both mine on Friday's (well, Saturday for Aubrey, but I started on Friday). I'm bummed I am going to be on vacation when the big day comes! At leasr we have internet access.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly you're hugemongous!!! Don't worry, it all gets better from here =)

It's like my new niece or nephew is just kicking back in there relaxing. No rush to join this world just yet while things are going so well inside.

Well I tried calling you a couple times I realized that you don't have a cell phone anymore and I must have lost your home number.

Jennille and Caleb and I are all excited! Good luck, and remember to BREATHE! I sure hope you two have your overnight bags in the trunk of your car. Remember, the dad isn't given clothing or food... only the mom, so Joshua be prepared!

I'm sure it will be hectic but when you get around to it and can spare a moment from your exciting little one give us a call!